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"I thought varicose veins were just ugly bulges…
You’re saying they could actually kill her?" 
I could hardly believe what the doctors were explaining.
"Sometimes they’re just superficially unattractive but relatively harmless… But in many cases… dangerous blood clots can form in a varicose vein.

And that’s exactly what happened with your mother. It traveled up her legs and into her chest… Which partially blocked the blood from getting back to her heart. You did a great job getting here so fast…
Because once the blood isn’t getting everywhere it needs to be in a timely manner, it could quickly lead to massive damage to the body… and in some cases even prove fatal. We’re lucky you got here on time to save her."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Sure, it wasn’t pretty to look at the bulging, twisted, purplish veins on Mom’s leg…

And bless her heart she’s too embarrassed to ever wear shorts or a skirt, even on hot Texas summer days.

But we never would have imagined this could lead to fighting for her life.
Her seemingly harmless little purple spider veins eventually ballooned into gnarly varicose veins that looked like they could burst out of her skin...

It took every ounce of Mom’s willpower to look the other way and ignore them. (But you’ll soon learn ignoring them is a horrible idea.)

This 66-years young, energetic, confident woman we all knew had become a recluse who would rather sit home in the air conditioning, reading a book, or watching the news on TV.
  • If you're resentful of the way you’re feeling and my mother’s story sounds anything like what you’re going through with achy, tender, heavy legs… or swollen ankles and feet…

  • And if your unsightly varicose veins have forced you to say good-bye to the luxury of wearing shorts, skirts, or a swimsuit…
Then stay with me for this short but eye-opening presentation.
Because if you ignore this issue it’s not magically going away on its own…
It can evolve into ulcers
Unmanageable bleeding
and in a growing number of cases even cause life-threatening blood clots.
Soon I'll be sharing with you an insanely powerful yet completely safe solution that can have you saying good-bye to your varicose veins in as little as 2 days from now.

This miracle formula will work for you if varicose veins have only just recently appeared, or if you’ve been living with them for a decade or more. This will work whether you're young or old.
Modern science finally has the breakthrough research performed by prestigious medical schools including Harvard University, teaching hospitals, and world-class scientific journals to prove the herbs, vitamins and nutrients in the all-natural formula I’m sharing today can free you from your varicose vein nightmare…

And not only can it help relieve any itchy or rough skin… but the ingredients may also rejuvenate wrinkled skin and achy joints!
Stay with me because I don’t want this varicose vein secret to be kept from you for one moment longer.

You’ll soon be able to spend quality time with friends and family again with supreme confidence in how you look and feel.
Hey, my name is Harry Gold….
and no matter if you’ve been living with varicose veins for ten-plus years or you’re just noticing your web of purple spider veins for the first time...

It's critical you stop all distractions and read everything I have on this short presentation. You see...
Your unsightly veins are actually a sign of
that could soon become a reality for you…
Even if you underwent one of those expensive varicose vein removal surgeries…

It still wouldn’t solve what your real problem is. Because you’d only be temporarily treating a late stage symptom of something much more severe.

It’s now been proven your veins look like they do because of a protein deficiency that’s causing the valves in your veins to wear out… Like a rubber band that’s been stretched too thin.

These faulty valves now give your blood nowhere to go so it winds up pooling in your veins. Which means much of the oxygen and other critical nutrients are not getting transported by your blood back to your heart and other organs.

So while you're understandably worried about ugly veins on your legs, what you should really be concerned with is:
  • Whether your legs are feeling itchy, achy, heavy, or sluggish.
  • Or if there’s a burning feeling in your lower legs…
  • Or breaks in your skin…
  • Or swelling in your ankles or feet, especially after standing.
If you’re not yet feeling this way, it could all be around the corner... 
...and much sooner than you think.
Please pay close attention because you may already be facing a danger far bigger than you realize.

And I’m not only talking about inconvenient discomfort here. I’m talking about serious issues like skin ulcers that require immediate medical attention...

And potentially DEADLY concerns like a pulmonary embolism that could lead to low blood oxygen levels, rapid heartbeat, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, passing out…

And yes, it could get as SERIOUS as SUDDEN DEATH. Sorry to get morbid on you but that’s exactly why you need to hear my message TODAY LOUD and CLEAR.
You don’t need to endure the agony like my mother did…

And if you’re suffering now you need to do something about this before there’s any chance of things getting worse.
I'll be sharing the 100% natural formula that both my mother and now over 12,318 others have used...
 ...to keep their veins functioning strongly, safely and effectively.
I’ll show you the science that proves it all backed up by studies from the most esteemed medical schools, hospitals, and scientific journals in the world.

What you’ll learn is safe, easy, and less expensive than anything else you’re considering for your problem.

My all-natural solution will deliver exactly what your veins desperately need to spring back to life and function properly to keep you varicose-free.
This will put a new spring in your step and a smile on your face!
If you’ve even been thinking about dangerous or invasive surgeries to get the varicose veins out of your legs STOP what you’re doing right now.

You don’t need to take on that expense and you definitely don’t want to take on any of that risk.

Especially when there are zero guarantees that the varicose veins won't come back after you’ve endured those surgeries.
Why not go the all-natural route
with a vein restoring breakthrough proven to work time and time again?
  • If you thought your days of tennis, swimming, going for a bike ride, or on a long walk with your partner were long gone…

  • Or if you thought you’d never be able to get down on the floor again to play with your grandkids…
Learning about this all-natural breakthrough will only take a few minutes of your time today.

And it can easily be the best decision you’ll ever make because it could soon mean better sleep, effortless movement, and add decades of health and happiness to your life.
Just like Veronika B. of Shaker Heights, Ohio. She wrote to say,
"I was feeling hopeful but also still skeptical when I first learned about your formula.

My varicose veins were not just a normal part of aging. They were so painful that I feared for my health and sanity. 
Your product not only saved me from a scary (and expensive) surgery but you gave me my confidence back. 
Putting my skepticism aside was the best decision I’ve ever made.”
So, like I mentioned my name's Harry Gold and I'm from Friendswood, Texas.
When my mother Melanie watched her spider veins gradually develop into a monster case of varicose veins, I didn't realize just how much it had traumatized her.

It broke my heart to watch her go into hiding in a self-imposed prison…

She complained from her recliner every time I visited her.

Her self-esteem was destroyed and so was her love of life. But that was only part of it.
Because her veins soon became the force that put her on a dangerous path. 
If you’re underestimating in any way what varicose veins can do to you or a loved one, then stay tuned.
Because I learned the hard way that things could quickly get much worse… and fast.
You see, Mom struggled with swollen, purple veins and aching, itchy legs for a little over two years.
She was always scratching and pleading with me that I had to understand how miserable she was with her burning, throbbing, “heavy” legs.

She’d become more irritable and truth be told, she’d be first to admit back then she was no picnic to be around.

While she used to regard any time spent with the grandkids as the best time of her life, now she made excuses every time I said I wanted to bring them over.
On days I could convince her to take a walk for some fresh air she'd stop every other block, wincing in pain with every step.

Her life was spent covering up both physically with clothes but also emotionally, because she was so self-conscious about her legs… and apparently now also in so much pain.

I thought, “Who cares? She’s older and she’s got some strange looking veins. Comes with the territory.”
But now she said every step felt like she was being punctured in the back of her legs by a hot knife.
​​​​“Now I’m limping around every day,” she told me.
“I had to start sleeping in the main floor bedroom because there’s no point in struggling up the steps every night… Don’t you think I want to play with the kids? They’re my biggest joys in the world, but I don’t want them to wonder why I’m crying. 
I can’t ever be on my feet for more than an hour. 
And I can’t even SIT for an hour straight because eventually that hurts, too!” 
This was her reality and Mom felt she couldn’t do anything about it.
This is why she was so hurt, sad and angry.
But one day Mom had a sudden and extreme change of heart. She was ready to give it a go a spend quality time with my children, her grandchildren.

She came over with a bunch of toys.

She couldn’t get down on the ground to play with the kids on that hot Texas afternoon...

But she threw a pair of shorts on for the first time in months and sat on the bench of our picnic table in the backyard, next to them in the grass.
She was filled with joy when the kids wanted to come up off the grass to sit on Grandma’s lap and give her a big hug and kiss. Things were going great…

But then my youngest daughter, Sally pointed to Mom’s legs and shouted out to me,
“Daddy what are those sticky-outy lines all over grandma’s legs?" 
And right there was the end of Mom’s good mood and new attitude… 
She stood up so quickly that she bumped her leg hard into the bench of the picnic table.
For anyone else it would have been a brief shock of temporary pain and at worst become a black-and-blue…

But suddenly Mom’s leg turned dark red with blood and it quickly began spreading down around her ankle and pooling at her feet.
My kids got scared and started crying so I sent them inside with my wife.

Thankfully I did that because then Mom started coughing and gasping…

Blood started spewing from her mouth with each cough. Spraying red all over her shirt, and on me.

Next thing I knew Mom was clutching her chest and collapsing on the floor.
I scooped her up and rushed to the Emergency Room.
With Mom laid out in the back seat on the frantic drive to the hospital I had flashbacks to all the doctor visits about her veins.

One doctor told us it happens to a majority of women as they age and it's only a cosmetic issue, except in rare cases...

We got a second opinion but this new doc more or less agreed with the first one… He said if things did get any more serious like ulcers on her legs, then we should come back to him.

He gave her a pair of compression stockings that Mom named her official, “I’m Over-The-Hill Ugly Socks”.

I thought it made no sense to wait until Mom had something like ulcers on her legs before she could go back to the doctor.

That's like telling someone with chest pains to come back after they've had a heart attack.

We were frustrated by the lack of help or insight from these doctors.
So, we took the next step and made an appointment to visit a surgeon to discuss options.
He thought we should strongly consider a procedure called ‘stripping’.

He’d open her up from ankle to groin and pull out her varicose veins from her legs.

It would be like pulling a web of weeds out from the garden…

But it would be from my mom’s legs. I couldn’t shake that visual from my mind.
A second surgical option he thought we might like better was called Radiofrequency Ablation.

He would insert a tube into her varicose vein and then attack the vein with heat until it collapsed on itself, closing it off for good.

It was not cheap...

...and cost $3,000 per leg.
I convinced my mom to hold off for a little while.

We agreed they weren’t pretty and they didn’t make her feel young...

But if she would just wear her compression socks and stay off her feet so she was never standing for an hour or more, drink lots of water, keep her feet elevated and watch her diet…

Maybe things would start to clear up and become more manageable on their own.

Neither one of us had the courage, OR the money to go through with any surgical procedure.

I wish I could tell you that our “wait and pray” approach worked…

Because now we were sitting in the hospital after the doctors finally stabilized her.
Then they ran their battery of tests.
The results were far worse than we'd imagined.
Mom’s veins were flooding and pooling with blood and therefore struggling to pump the blood up from her legs, back to her heart.
The lead doctor explained that the blood was growing old and stagnant inside her veins, which led to the formation of a giant clot.
“And what landed your mother here today is because a portion of this clot broke off, made its way through her veins and into her chest,” he said.
This blocked a significant amount of blood to her heart and threatens something called a pulmonary embolism in her lungs.
Apparently, she was one of the lucky ones…

They painted a scary picture in that 25% of patients, a pulmonary embolism can result in instant death.

Thank the Good Lord that the medical team declared my mom “in the clear for now”.
We were given similar suggestions as from previous doctors…

It was instructed that she doesn't sit OR stand for too long.

Mom needed to “walk a lot, but not too much”.

And she always needed to be wearing the compression stockings… even if they made her hot and uncomfortable.
He concluded with,
“I wish I had something more positive to tell you other than the precautions I’ve shared AND then praying that this doesn’t happen to her again.”
I was happy my mom was in the clear for now, but I was hardly feeling great about the situation.
The veins inside her legs were a ticking time bomb where another blood clot could easily form again…
and next time it could kill her.
And there was nothing we could do about it.

What made me the most furious was how detached the doctors seemed to be about the whole thing.

It was as if they were saying just sit there and hope for the best…

And if it happens again we’ll try our best...

But no promises.
Now I know my mom's case might sound extreme, but in the next few minutes, I'll prove it's a lot more common than you think
I soon learned that folks across the country, and from all over the world are suffering just as my mother had.

What might start as a few unattractive yet harmless spider veins often transform into a situation where millions have been left unable to walk or stand and they develop terrifying ulcers that never seem to heal.

If it hadn’t happened to my mom, I would never have guessed this all could lead to a potentially life-threatening pulmonary embolism.

Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely appreciative of them saving my mother’s life in the emergency room that day…
But I surely wasn’t going to accept their reality that nothing could be done to prevent it from happening again… Especially since the next time could equal death!

So I threw myself into countless hours of research and discussions with experts and scientists who’ve dedicated their careers to solving the challenges of varicose veins...

Before any new blood clots had a chance to attack my mother again.
The obvious place to start was asking myself:
What Causes
Varicose Veins?
Turns out that is an obvious question without an obvious answer…
None of the research and none of the experts I spoke with could agree on the root cause of varicose veins.

It’s been shown these killer veins are the result of vein walls and valves becoming damaged and unusable, but no one could tell me why this happened to my mother while millions of others never have to suffer from this type of damage at all.
This forced me to ask a different question…
  • Why are we protected from all this when we're younger?

  • What really changes in our veins as we age?

  • Do the unlucky ones truly have no choice and are powerless against vein damage? 
The amazing answer to this question is what finally led me to the truth about varicose veins.

And it led me to the ANSWER as to what I needed to naturally erase the varicose veins from my mom’s legs.

This saved her life and it could save yours too.

Doesn’t matter if you’re young or old… Varicose veins are a problem you want to get rid of no matter what.
Maybe you’ve heard that we need a steady supply of something called collagen to keep our skin looking tight and healthy and to protect us from saggy skin and wrinkles.

Collagen is also what we need to keep our joints strong, healthy and pain-free.
Well, guess what?
We also need collagen to keep our vein walls strong, protected and working properly.
But starting as early as our 20s, we start producing at least 1% less collagen every year.¹

And then by our 50s and 60s (menopause age for women) our collagen production slows to 30% of what it used to be.¹

By time we’re in our 80s, collagen levels are 68% lower compared to when we were 20 years old!¹

This is why as we age, our skin sags and our joints become achy, stiff and inflamed.
And this loss of collagen 
is exactly why your vein walls are breaking down, too. 
Have you ever wondered why all other varicose vein “solutions” you’ve already tried never provided a permanent fix?

It’s because none of them figured out that the answer is to build your collagen levels up again! The research backs this up.
A breakthrough study conducted at one of Harvard's top teaching hospitals, concluded that the true determining factor behind vein wall damage is due to an “internal collagen defect”…

This lack of collagen is what leaves your veins weak and can soon have them malfunctioning.²
All that collagen your body effortlessly produced when you were young is now drying up at an unsustainable rate.
Same as with your skin and joints, collagen keeps your vein walls healthy and strong, which makes it easier for them to do their job of providing blood flow back to your heart.

You may already be experiencing the effects of what happens to your vein walls when they’re deprived of all the collagen they need.

And there’s likely all sorts of additional damage going on due to...
Chronic inflammation
Weight gain
High blood pressure, and more.
All these related factors induce more stress on your vein walls causing them to weaken and lose their elasticity.
Your legs face the most danger because they’re furthest from your heart and need the veins to be working at full strength to get blood flowing uphill back to your heart and every other vital organ.

With the vein valves busted and unable to keep your blood flowing in the right direction, everything just pools in your veins with nowhere to go.

And this is why you’re seeing these bulging hoses of twisted varicose veins on your legs and why you haven’t wanted to wear shorts, skirts, or a bathing suit in forever.

Those are your veins swelled up with stagnating blood threatening to clot!
Now I don’t mean to scare you here, but I’m warning you based on my first-hand experience with my own mother.

The GOOD NEWS is that as bad as all this sounds...

Today I’m handing you a simple, yet POWERFUL and HEALTHY way...

Stop all this from happening and even reverse it.

Now that I knew for sure what was causing the vein wall damage and other health issues the next step was simple, but not easy.
The simple part was knowing that Mom needed help getting more collagen into her vein walls.
The difficult part was…
Suddenly I had a ‘eureka moment’.

"David can help me!” I shouted to no one in particular.

David Seabury was my freshman year roommate in the dorms almost 25 years ago.

He was a smart cookie but of course I couldn’t have known at the time that he’d become internationally recognized for his ground-breaking research on plants, vitamins and minerals and how they could be used as natural medicine to solve a variety of health issues.
I’m lucky to have him as a friend. I called David up figuring if anyone could help me, it was him.

After catching up for a few minutes I cut to the chase.

I told him all about my mother’s near-death experience and proudly told him what my research helped me discover about collagen depletion in the veins.

I needed to know if he thought it was as simple as replenishing our body’s collagen supply…

And if this was the case, then HOW do I replenish my mother’s collagen supply.

What was I missing?
"Whoa, slow down old buddy!” David said. “I’m impressed that you’ve finally decided to get into my line of work,” he chuckled. "Great job on what you’ve discovered so far…
You're not wrong to think that collagen loss is most likely what's causing these intense problems with your mother’s veins.

You’ve probably seen lots of marketing messages these days about collagen drinks, soups, broths and supplements. It’s been the latest trend.
But what the marketers don’t mention is that with these products that supposedly deliver the collagen to beautify our skin and strengthen our joints…
What’s actually happening is that...
...collagen in this form is broken down by our stomach acids before our bodies can ever use them!
AND most collagen supplements are made from old ground up fish and animal parts that were produced on an industrial factory farm.
There are no protections in place to guard us against the toxins that were absorbed by these fish and animals prior to being captured and ground up.
The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and Clean Label Project (CLP) tested 28 of the top-selling brands of collagen supplements on Amazon.com. 

These are the results:
• 64% tested positive for measurable levels of arsenic
• 37% tested positive for measurable levels of lead
• 34% tested positive for trace levels of mercury
• 17% tested positive for measurable levels of cadmium³
Studies on Cadmium for example, have shown that...
it can destroy your kidneys, your bones, and even cause cancer³." 
I was devastated.
I thought I had my answer and all I needed from David was his blessing and to tell me how to get my hands on a great collagen supplement.

"Harry, listen don’t get down.

You’re off to a great start and I’m very impressed…

I’m happy you called me 
because I already know the safer and more effective way to get collagen back into your mother’s veins.”

I instantly perked up like a puppy who’d been waiting for his owner to come home all day.
“What we really want to do here is reactivate a process called collagen biosynthesis,” David began. 

“In plain English, this means instead of relying on ground-up animal parts to deliver collagen into her body from the outside… 

What we really want is to get her body producing its own collagen again."
“Is that possible?” I asked.
“Well, my research from the past 20 years says YES,” David replied.
David shared results about specific all-natural nutrients that he’s given subjects to take with their daily meals.
After they were on David’s formula for even a relatively brief period of time, their burning, aching, cramping legs would soon feel better and their varicose veins would begin to “melt away”.

And as an unexpected side benefit their skin even became more youthful looking and their wrinkles began to fade.

This actually made sense since collagen helps keep our skin and joints healthy, too.
This was all sounding incredible and I knew David was a genius… 
...but I was still skeptical.
Sure, it worked in isolated experiments but would it work on real people like my mother?

“Well of course there’s only one way to find out,” he said. “I’ll ship my formula for your mother to try out for herself...
But first let me tell you about the all-natural ingredients that are found inside..
I’ve put countless hours of research into this.”
Grape Seed Extract
My research told me I needed to start with this miracle worker for the very fact that grape seed extract can reactivate collagen biosynthesis.⁵

Remember, this means instead of relying on some crushed up chicken bones and nasty cow hooves for collagen, we want your mother to be able to be able to produce high levels of it on her own… just like in her youth.
This is what can revitalize the walls of her veins and begin the process of jumpstarting the elimination of varicose veins.
And multiple studies show that grape seed extract can also help improve blood flow.
A study published in the journal Thrombosis Research, provided evidence that postmenopausal women who were given grape seed extract experienced blood-thinning effects and even potentially reduced the risk of dangerous blood clots!⁶

Another study found that sedentary women who were administered a dose of grape seed extract were shown to reduce leg swelling and edema by 70%.
Are you starting to see how your mother can quickly begin to experience the freedom from heavy legs, plus the aches, pain and discomfort that can accompany varicose veins?

The best part is that unlike those risky surgeries...

Grape seed extract can stop her varicose veins from coming back.
Bilberry Extract
Bilberry Extract has been used for centuries to soothe the effects of diarrhea, and for throat and mouth inflammations.

Its legend grew when British Royal Air Force pilots used bilberry preserves to sharpen their nighttime vision to give them an edge against the Nazis.

Ever since then scientists have studied bilberry to determine what other positive powers this amazing fruit offers humans.
And a major discovery for bilberry proves that it does indeed have a very positive effect on vein health.
Turns out that bilberry turbo-boosts collagen biosynthesis, just like grape seed extract!⁸

Now you’ll have BOTH these ingredients working around the clock helping produce fresh collagen and delivering it to your vein walls.

This is how you can make the necessary repairs that will ultimately erase your swollen varicose veins.

And bilberry doesn’t only aid the production of collagen… It has also been shown to strengthen the collagen, which is more wonderful news for your vein walls.⁹
In addition to the anti-inflammatory properties that zinc is famous for, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center zinc helps in the prevention and management of varicose veins.¹⁰

Zinc can also help diminish the negative effects of obesity, which has been shown to be another factor that can cause varicose veins.¹⁰
If you’ve got itchy legs to go along with your varicose veins, there’s more good news…

Research has found that there’s a link between lowered zinc levels and the itching that can often accompany varicose veins.

The very development of varicose veins leads to a decrease in serum zinc concentration and skin moisture in the bodies of test subjects.
This is what causes the dry skin that contributes to your itching.¹¹
Additional studies show that normal zinc levels give flexibility to your arteries and veins.

In other words, if you're deficient in zinc, you'll want to do something about it sooner rather than later to avoid serious cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, stroke, and even a heart attack.¹²
 The remaining All-Star ingredients in David’s formula include:
Vitamin A
If you’re doing the math…
...that’s a Total of 9 expertly combined ingredients
 in an advanced, 100% natural formula…
Specifically designed to help strengthen the walls of your veins and improve blood flow back to your heart, so it isn't pooling, stagnant and putting you in danger of blood clots that could spell serious consequences.
“OK David, I’m throwing all my skepticism aside! I’m begging you to send your formula so we can have a chance at defeating my mom’s varicose veins.”
He replied, “Just tell me where to send it and the formula will arrive at your door tomorrow morning. I’ll even pay the overnight shipping for you.”
By this point Mom had already given up on the idea of getting better and she was just trying to deal with her symptoms best she could.

But she agreed to give David’s formula a try. It was 100% natural so she didn’t have anything to lose.

Now I was full of hope…

Would this really work for her?
After taking the capsules, all we could do was wait.

After the first 24 hours… It seemed like nothing had changed.
Then after 72 hours she thought she was maybe starting to feel different… 
but maybe it was all in her head?

I was encouraged… but I knew it could also just be a coincidence.

But on the 4th day… Mom called me with excitement.
She had walked up and down her stairs multiple times and realized that she’d been ironing for about an hour straight... 
...and her legs barely hurt at all.
The varicose veins were still clearly living on her leg, but it was the first time I heard a glimmer of happiness in my mother’s voice in a very long time.

By the end of the 8th day… Her excitement was getting hard to control.

She barely complained about any discomfort…

But she admittedly wasn’t even trying any kind of strenuous physical activity yet.
By the 17th Day things started happening extremely fast.
She was going for long walks around her community, meeting up with friends.

She was never so happy about accomplishing something so simple yet beautiful as taking a nice walk in the sunshine.

Mom and I got down on our knees and thanked God…
Because now there wasn’t even a question of “is this working?” anymore.
It WAS working!
She kept taking her pills, day in and day out… As mom’s symptoms decreased, her confidence grew.

She was now sleeping comfortably through the night, waking up refreshed without aches, cramps, itchiness, heaviness or any other discomfort.

She was walking AND riding her bike daily with all of her newfound energy.

It didn’t take long before she started to lose the extra weight she had put on after being sedentary for so long.
Best of all… she was in a good mood every day and felt like she was ready to live again.
Her legs weren’t only getting stronger and more shapely, but they were looking varicose-vein free too!

We never believed it was even possible in this lifetime.

We were hoping to save her from blood clots and maybe help her feel less pain… But when the bulging, twisted matrix of balloon-like veins magically erased from her legs…
It was a true miracle!
We went to her closet and took out her shorts and skirts. It was time to enjoy the Texas sun again!

There was no better feeling in the world to see my mom back to her happy and confident self.

We called up David and told him the good news and how we were both STUNNED by her physical and mental transformation.

He was thrilled for us but didn’t seem surprised at all. That’s when I hit him up with a BIG request.
“David, I don’t know what your intentions are with this miracle formula you just shared with me, but we can’t keep this a secret. We have a moral obligation to help as many people as possible. If we can do for others what you did for me…”
“OK stop right there!” he said. “Of course, I want to help as many people as I can. That’s what I do! Give me the names and addresses of any family, friends and people in your mom’s community who need it and if they get the same results as she did… then I know exactly what our next steps should be.”
We agreed and within days I had David ship bottles to everyone I knew who could use it.

Mom knew lots of people who were also suffering from various degrees of varicose veins.
Sure enough in the weeks that followed…
They began calling to tell us they’d finally gotten relief from their aches, pains, discomfort and their ugly varicose veins.

I started getting text messages saying I changed their lives and I’m a miracle worker.
It worked for EVERYONE that tried it.
One friend told us how she was finally able to sit and stand for as long as she wanted. She could go to bed, get a good night's sleep and wake up with an explosion of energy!

Another one told us she was in tears because she could finally feel like a woman again wearing nice skirts.

The most touching was when Mom’s oldest, dearest friend told her that we had literally saved her life from her own private hell from varicose veins.
Her ugly, gnarled, twisted purple veins had been erased and it was as if they were never there in the first place.
That’s when I knew that we had been given the greatest gift in the world. 
I knew what David had would spread like wildfire.

Since that moment, together we agreed to be 100% focused on bringing this product to as many people who are suffering from varicose veins… just like you.

I have an inbox full of emails, and a phone full of texts and voice mails from everyone saying they too experienced the life changing effects of this formula…

And it was all happening within weeks!
Soon after you start taking it, you’ll feel and see the difference, too.
Participating in normal physical activities, playing with the grandkids on the floor and having the freedom to wear shorts on a hot sticky day no longer needs to be a long-forgotten fantasy.

And it means never having to experience the pain, anxiety and discomfort that keeps you up at night and ruins your days.
  • Imagine having the passion and energy again to do the things you used to LOVE.
  • No more burdening your loved ones with your pain.
  • You’ll be a strong, capable and functioning member of society again!
We’ve named the formula
Varicose 911
It helps revitalize your vein walls as it ramps up your collagen production… just like in your youth.
This fresh new collagen strengthens your veins so blood can flow normally again without stagnating and pooling up… leaving you susceptible to dangerous blood clots.

AND all this new collagen production has the POSITIVE side effects that contribute to beautiful skin, healthy pain-free joints, and even your heart health.

It’s time to say good-bye to your frustration and embarrassment!

With David’s perfect formula and all my hard work to get the word out… I’m proud to say that this incredible varicose vein solution is no longer a secret.

Not to you. Not anymore.
If you’re struggling and haven’t been able to enjoy your life… This is for you!
Each ingredient in Varicose 911 was meticulously researched by a true expert in all-natural vein rehabilitation remedies...

Carefully selected and measured to perfection, ensuring maximum bioavailability…

Each with tons of scientific studies proving how they can return you to the life you love.
If you’re struggling inside a physical and emotional pain prison because of your varicose veins…
This is for you!
And the fact that you made it this far in this presentation tells me something…

You’re absolutely ready to get the same kind of results I’ve shared with you today. 
  • What kind of freedom do you see in the pain-free version of yourself?
  • Your independence…
  • Peace of mind…
I’m eternally grateful that David and I were able to partner with PhytAge Labs, which is one of the most respected Research and Development organizations in the world.
We would never be able to get our hands on the volume of pristinely sourced ingredients found inside this formula without their global reach and state-of-the-art labs that formulate each ingredient precisely following David’s specifications.

I'm confident Varicose 911 is the most powerful collagen producing and varicose vein defeating formula the world has ever seen.
Now you're probably wondering how you can get your hands on this miracle-working product…
Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Each of the nutrients cultivated in PhytAge Labs’ facilities follow all GMP and FDA guidelines.

They have to be kept fresh and then tested by an independent third-party laboratory...

...to make sure everything that's on the label is also inside the pill capsules.
Thanks to the massive case studies we have from our numerous success stories almost everyone who uses it cannot get enough of this stuff!

Because they NEVER want to suffer through not spending time with friends and loved ones, being unable to play with the grandchildren, or even fall asleep without experiencing intense discomfort.
Varicose 911 is expensive to manufacture, takes up to three months to produce...
...and keeps selling out.
Then you have people ordering bottles who don't even have discomfort or other pain problems YET...

But they want to keep themselves proactively protected from the bulging, twisted varicose vein epidemic that's been wiping the joy from millions of Americans, no matter if they’re young or old.
So, I often don't have any Varicose 911 available for folks like yourself. 
That's why you’re about to discover how to get your hands on a fresh new bottle as part of our new pilot program.

This isn’t just a vein health supplement we’re talking about… IT’S A MOVEMENT!
The SHOCKING PART is that Varicose 911 is the most AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE option you’ll find on the planet!

Most people assume Varicose 911 should cost more than $200 per bottle…

Friends and family who found ultimate success with the formula told me they would gladly pay that price, simply because they know how much the results changed their lives.
We both know that there’s no price that can be put on your health and happiness.
Still, I want to do something special for you…
I want to offer you a deal I’ll NEVER be able to do again.
This is YOUR LIFE we're talking about!

So, we’re cutting into our own profits to give you the lowest price possible.

And we’re happy to do it because we know what a life changer this will be.
Varicose 911 is the completely safe yet powerfully effective way to defeat your varicose veins…

Especially when compared to expensive, risky surgeries that can’t even guarantee permanent results!
The regular price for Varicose 911 is:
$120.00 per bottle
Which is a complete bargain if you take into consideration that we’re only using the purest ingredients found anywhere on the globe...
If you tried to get your hands on all the ingredients in a single bottle of Varicose 911 separately, you’d pay well over $120…

But since you’ve made the cut into our special VIP Group…
You won’t pay $120.00
You won’t even pay $99.95
Not even $79.95
Nope, you don’t pay any of those prices…
When you take action right now, you’ll get your hands on a full bottle of Varicose 911 in this special vip offer…
For ONLY $69.95
That’s not a misprint.

That's a savings of over $50 off the regular price and comes to only a fraction more than 1 buck per pill!

It’s the lowest price you’ll find anywhere for Varicose 911.
Do you think sleeping through the night, waking up refreshed and becoming stronger every day from increased movement and exercise while having your pain be completely gone...

Plus gaining increased energy and focus, less anxiety, better quality of life (and maintaining your sanity) is worth a couple bucks per day?
Yes, we think it’s totally worth it, too!
And you’ll get all these benefits for less money?

Today is a special day that may very well change the rest of your life.
Because if you act right away and reserve four bottles of Varicose 911, you'll have a spot in PhytAge Lab's private test group which entitles you to our VIP pricing, 
at only $49.95 per bottle!
 That's more than ½ off…
 a savings of over $70 per bottle.
Why would I ask for such a drastic price discount for you?
The answer is simple...

In our pursuit to push the boundaries of our research, we need people to share their real results with us...

Specifically, the ever-increasing benefits that start when you’ve been using Varicose 911 for 30 Days or MORE.

As a result of that goal, we’ve instructed the lab to set aside an entire supply so you can share YOUR success stories with us...
And our team of scientists will have a growing body of evidence to show the long-term properties of this amazing product!
Think about it…
For what we’ve shown you, we’re more than justified at pricing Varicose 911 at $120 per bottle.

For much less than the cost of your daily Starbucks “fix” you can use the vein rejuvenating, life-saving secret of health conscious ‘people-in-the-know’.

The high concentrations of active ingredients found only in Varicose 911.
What will your legs look like 4 to 6 weeks from now?
You’ll begin to FEEL and SEE the difference, guaranteed!
Life is short and before you know it, four weeks will come and go -- whether you like it or not.

But in 4 weeks' time, you could either have begun to pump these critical nutrients through your body and into your veins…

Or you could have your same current exasperation that makes you want to rip your veins out of your own skin.
Think about it like this:
At $69.95, you’re paying only $2.33 per day over the next 30 days.

That’s less than the price of a Starbucks Coffee!

And you save even more if you opt for VIP multi-bottle pricing at $49.95!

We’re so totally confident that Varicose 911 is going to support your vein health and restore your confidence while changing your life for the better…
That we’re going to let you TRY it for a FULL 3 MONTHS (90 days) and if for ANY REASON you’re not fully delighted with the results…
Simply contact us for:
A Full Refund.
Guaranteed to work – or you PAY NOTHING!
​​​​I want this decision to be as easy for you as possible, so I’m going to take on all of the risk myself.

Today you will receive our 90-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

When you try Varicose 911… it either works to get rid of your bulging, twisted varicose veins…
Or you get all your money back. No questions asked.
That’s right... We’ll send your supply right now, and if at any time over the next 90 days you decide it’s somehow not working for you, just contact us for a FULL REFUND…

We can’t make this deal much better than that, don’t you agree?
Have I gone insane?
Maybe I have lost it a little bit, but we want to get our ground-breaking formula into as many VIP hands as we can before we run out of inventory.

We’re 100% convinced of the power of our Vein Saving Formula, so we’re willing to stick our necks out there and take ALL the risk.
Plus, we’ll do something absolutely CRAZY…
Not only will you get all your money back, but we’ll also give you an additional $100 just for giving it an honest try! (No joke.)
I know it sounds like we’ve lost our minds, but we’re not kidding around.

If you’re not getting results and not happy...for any reason at all… We’ll give you every single penny back.

PLUS another $100... Even if you use the entire bottle.
That’s how confident we are that our solution works.
And you should feel pretty confident too because…

Varicose 911 goes under some of the most rigorous testing in the industry.
PhytAge Labs is trusted by over 800,000 customers around the globe,
and we have a reputation for being obsessive when it comes to quality control and testing.
Each of our products is made in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility, has been certified by GMP for quality and sanitation, and is regularly tested for potency by the FDA.

While other companies may take the cheaper route and skimp on quality control, we wouldn’t dream of it.
PhytAge Labs guarantees quality control because we operate by regulations that are more strict than those of the government.
In our latest inspection by the FDA, we passed without one, single issue.

Which is almost unheard of.

Even in corporate facilities, with billions of dollars, there’s at least one issue during an
FDA inspection. A leaky faucet… a dirty floor… something.

But the FDA didn’t have one complaint about our facility.
Honestly, even that isn’t enough to satisfy us.

We make sure that each ingredient we source is tested thoroughly to ensure that every part of Varicose 911 is of absolute quality so that you never have to wonder.

It’s pretty standard for us to dip into our own profits to ensure the quality of every bottle. We may not make as much money as we could… but we know that you’ll be a customer for life.
That’s how confident we are in Varicose 911.
When you click the button below this screen, you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page.
Here, you’ll enter your payment and shipping info.

And don’t worry. Thanks to our encrypted merchant account that rivals HIGH-LEVEL SECURITY websites like Walmart and Amazon.com…

Your info will be completely safe.

You can do the right thing and be on your way to pumping your veins full of the collagen they need and defeating your varicose vein pain with no worries.
You could start seeing results as soon as 7 days after you’ve taken your first all-natural capsule, like it happened for my mother and so many others…
Without a doubt you’ll notice the results starting in less than 4 weeks with Varicose 911…
If you want to permanently kiss your gnarled varicose veins good-bye you’ll need to maintain an adequate supply of Varicose 911 to ensure its nutrients are constantly flowing into your body to keep you healthy, well-rested and protected.

That’s why I highly recommend the VIP 4-bottle option for long-term results.

Regardless of your selection, the entire purchase is protected by our EXCLUSIVE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + $100.

Created ONLY for those who take advantage of my special offer!
After continued use you’ll be able to live free again and participate in every activity your heart desires.
Long walks… or even running.
Bike rides
Getting down on the floor to play with the grandkids
No longer hiding in shame and letting life pass you by.
Look, many have been where you are now…
Unsure whether or not this solution will work.

As bad as you want to believe, how could you be sure?

I get it. It’s not your fault!

But you owe it to yourself to try Varicose 911.

Experience the massive change you deserve in DAYS.
You’ll be making a COMPLETELY RISK-FREE purchase today.
Do this for your physical health, your mental health, AND your wallet.

If this isn’t the GREATEST investment you’ve ever been presented with to get rid of varicose vein discomfort and protection from life threatening blood clots…

Send us an email and I’ll refund you every penny immediately PLUS $100.
You’ll have such a new sense of control over your life that you’d have to be brainless not to keep Varicose 911 by your side!

Click the ‘Add to Order’ button below.

Once we run out…. That’s it.

That's why we were very selective with who we wanted to share this video.
You can stock up now to ensure you stay on the path of boosting yourself with fresh supplies of vein strengthening collagen… no matter how little success you’ve had finding relief in the past.

If the ‘Add to Order’ button is still showing up on this page that means we still have some left in stock.

And the deep discount is still available.
Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below right now...
so you don’t miss out because once you start taking Varicose 911, you’ll wish you would have started it sooner.
Order with confidence, security and privacy…
Now you've reached a crossroad.
In one direction...you can leave this page and keep doing what you’ve been doing so far.

In the end, you’re still left with the same discomfort. The same frustration. The same unhappiness and exhaustion…

If you continue down this road, it's inevitable that the "bad" feelings will win.
Why not give yourself this BIG ADVANTAGE?
Make things EASIER!
It all starts and ends with Varicose 911.
After helping thousands of people, I know this first step is the most important.

This is for a LIMITED TIME only as a promotion to get the product into the hands of more people who need it. 
Once this deal is gone, you cannot get it again.
Studies show that continuing to live with varicose veins over the years can lead to long-term complications if not taken care of.
If left untreated, it’s all going to get worse.
We’re talking about serious complications like high blood pressure, skin ulcers, and in the worst-case blood clots and a pulmonary embolism that could lead to a deadly outcome.

It’s terrifying to know that all this can lead you down a road of ruined relationships, loss of the enjoyment of life, and a deep depression.

Instead, I’d love if you could take immediate action.
It’s the easiest choice you can make today… and one that will make the biggest difference in your life tomorrow.
I’ve offered a completely risk-free, money-back guarantee…

Plus another $100 on top of your money back if I’m wrong about all this…. But I won’t be.
People across America are discovering this little website from family, friends and a group of doctors brave enough to share the truth with their patients.
Like Jordan Peppers who wrote in…
"Your formula has done wonders for my pain, cramps and itchiness.
 My life was hell but Varicose 911 saved the day. I’m living free again."
And Ashley Marron Johnson…
"Varicose 911 erased the horrible veins and purple stains from my legs.
I want to say it’s magic but I know it’s just the ingredients you promised me. I’m back wearing a swimsuit to the pool and people can stare at me all they want. I’m feeling powerful!” 
Kevin Moran writes,
"Yes I’m a man and I had varicose veins. I’ve got no problem saying it now that they’re gone but I used to live in fear of everyone making fun of me. 
And the itchiness and daily discomfort are gone, too. Thank you!”
These real-life testimonials are only a couple of the thousands we're getting each month, which means people just like you are experiencing amazing results with Varicose 911.
Look, if you’re still here… that means two things…
  • 1. You understand just how important saving your body from varicose veins is.

  • 2. You have a few questions.
I'm going to quickly answer some of the most common questions I get about Varicose 911.
  • 1. How Does Varicose 911 Work Again?
A breakthrough discovery shows that varicose veins form in your legs because your body has become incapable of producing all the collagen it needs to keep its vein walls strong, flexible and protected from damage.

This means they can't pump the blood flowing through them properly.
It becomes a dangerous situation because the blood in your legs has to flow uphill to get back to your heart with the oxygen and other critical nutrients your organs need.

With nowhere to go, this blood pools and collects in your leg veins until they look like they’re about to burst.

This is what everyone is seeing just underneath your skin as big ugly varicose veins.
But it can get even more dangerous from there because this pooling blood will start to stagnate and clot before shooting up into your chest and blocking the blood that flows to your lungs or heart.
Varicose 911 was developed to stimulate collagen biosynthesis.
This means that your body will regain the ability to produce collagen on its own again.
By addressing your varicose veins at their true root cause Varicose 911 is a solution that’s proven to work even when everything else has failed you.
  • 2. Why has this solution been kept secret from me?
The plain and simple answer is only in the fact we have a naturally effective way to erase all your bulging, varicose veins.

Big Pharma and expensive vein surgeons don’t want you to know that you don’t have to keep lining their pockets with your hard-earned money for their “solutions” that are either not permanent… or don’t work at all.

And we're fighting every day not to get our little website shut down by their army of lawyers.
We’re sticking our necks out on the line to give you back the confidence you've been missing for so long, without having to spend thousands of dollars on addictive drugs, painful surgery, and ineffective treatments.
  • 3. Is Varicose 911 right for me?
If you’re looking for an all-natural SOLUTION to finally rid your legs from the bulging, twisted varicose veins that are causing all of your physical and emotional pain and discomfort then absolutely Varicose 911 is for you.

And unlike other drugs, there’s zero side-effects. Since its all-natural, you can take Varicose 911 with other supplements, but we recommend consulting with your physician first.
  • 4. How Many Bottles Should I Order?
We recommend ordering the largest amount possible so that you get more savings.

With such limited supplies, ordering more will ensure that you don’t miss out if we’re out of stock.

Varicose 911 has a shelf life of 2 years so you don’t have to worry about it going bad if you claim multiple bottles.
Take two capsules each day for at least 60 days. 
Rejuvenating collagen production and healing the walls of your veins does happen seemingly overnight for some...

But as everyone’s body is different, for others it could take some more time, as is totally normal for natural solutions.

And you'll want to continue giving your body a steady supply of these essential ingredients to keep your varicose veins from ever having a chance to come back.

We recommend you choose at least four bottles of Varicose 911 for the smartest most proactive approach.
  • 5. After I click the “Add to Cart” button what happens next?
Once choosing the right package for your needs, you’ll go to our 100% secure checkout page.

Then simply enter your payment information and place your order…

And then in 5 short days from now you should receive your supply of Varicose 911…

Which means you’re less than a week away from making your unsightly veins a distant memory.
Our U.S. based Customer Service team is available to assist you every step of the way 24/7.
  • 6. Is Varicose 911 a replacement for any kind of medicine?
No. Varicose 911 helps boost desperately needed collagen production in your vein walls, but it does not treat any disease and should not be used to replace any medication you may be on.

If you’re currently on a treatment plan under your doctor’s care, be sure to follow his or her advice on any health issue.

Do not stop that treatment plan unless your doctor tells you to. 
  • 7. How do I know Varicose 911 will work for me?
If you’re wondering if Varicose 911 is right for you then I encourage you to try it out for yourself.

With our 90-day, Triple Money-Back Guarantee you can see if you like it at absolutely no risk:
GUARANTEE #1: The QualityVaricose 911 contains the missing nutrients you need in the purest form possible.

GUARANTEE #2: The Source - The entire process behind sourcing, purifying, bottling, and shipping this advanced formula is guaranteed to be carried out under our exacting quality standards with absolutely no compromise.
GUARANTEE #3: Your Complete Satisfaction - We stand behind each bottle 100%. That's why you have a full 90 days to try Varicose 911 and put it to the test yourself.
Alright I really want Varicose 911. What now?
This part is simple!

Just click the button below this presentation and choose your package.

Then complete your order. And Varicose 911 will be in your hands in just five business days from now.

Plus there’s no risk because of my iron clad guarantee.
There is one “catch”…
Your discounted price is only guaranteed until our inventory runs out.

This isn’t hype. Only transparency…

After our current inventory runs out…

Making a new batch of Varicose 911 immediately with these exact ingredients would not only be nearly impossible...

...it would also cost substantially more.
And we’ll be forced to readjust our pricing for future bottles.

That’s why I’ve made it easy for you to stock up while you can with a massive savings off the retail price.
So go ahead and place your order now!
Thanks for staying with us and God bless!

Harry Gold

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